Smart WiFi Light Switch - New Release
Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, App Control with Timer and Schedule, Remote Control from Anywhere, No Hub Required, Easy Setup
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Control Lights and Electric Appliances from Anywhere with Smart Wall Switch 
With the Smart Wall Switch, you can control your smart devices with your smartphone or tablet, and create schedules to automate your home based on your lifestyle.

Control from anywhere

Instantly turn on/off your appliance with your smart phone or tablet. 
The free app allows you to add as many Smart Switches as you’d like to keep track of multiple appliances, whenever, wherever.

On/Off any schedule you set

Program your porch light to turn on at sunset, turn the bathroom fan off after selected time, schedule the ceiling fan to be on so you come home to a cool house, or set lights to randomly go on and off for an occupied appearance while you’re on vacation.

Voice control your home

Paired with Alexa-related devices, like Echo/Dot/Tap, using the "Smart Life" skill in Alexa App to control your appliances via a voice commands. 
Edit a name to each Smart Wall Switch and communicate each switch by this name when making a voice command.

Do-It-Yourselfers can easily install
Verify Compatibility 
1. Replaces Single pole switch only. 
2. Not compatible with 3-way(multi location control) switches. 
3. Neutral wire required. 

Quick Install Guide 
1.Shut off power at circuit breaker for the switch you are replacing. 
2.Remove your old switch( Take a picture for later reference) 
3.Install the Oittm light switch. Check all wires are secure. Live/Load wires must both be connected as shown, but are interchangeable. 
4.Screw in Oittm Light Switch and attach faceplate. 
5.Turn power back on. 
6.Configure Oittm on your smart phone. 

Package Includes: 
1*Oittm Light Switch 
1*Face Plate 
4*Wire Nuts 



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