Oittm Smart Wi-Fi Router with Wireless Range Extender

  • Brand: Oittm
  • Product Code: B0716PJ6HH-OT004
  • Availability: In Stock

A set is up to 2000 sq. ft. Wi-Fi coverage and one Oittm Router allows max 7 extenders together (up to 7000 sq. ft.)on one circuit. Seamless Wi-Fi coverage for every room, no more dead zones and buffering.

Smart Network Identification Technology always choose the fastest band and clearest channel to automatically connect the strongest wifi signal point for your devices.

The Advanced PLC Technology breaks off the limited of distance and other obstacles, 300Mbps wifi signal supports multi-devices to work, game, watch and download at the same time without any delay.

Easy to set up and a simple App helps control your home network from anywhere and allows you to see who's connected, share the password with friends, give a priority for devices to the fastest network, set a time to stop wifi for your kids health and better grows etc.

Up to 70%~80% energy Saving offers your device a longer lifetime as well as decrease your electricity bill.

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