Oittm Portable Dimmable Touch Time Light

  • Brand: Oittm
  • Product Code: B072JRSVLZ-OT006
  • Availability: 2-3 Days

[Advanced Gravity Induction Technology] LED Lamp Mode and Digital Display Mode can be switched easily by flipping. Pushing or swaying from left to right, time-date-temperature-humidity will display turn by turn. In addition, LED light or digital display will be auto-closed after 10 seconds without any actions, which can save energy and avoid light pollution during sleeping.

[Accurate Thermometers and Hygrometer] Built-in Sensor helps automatically detect the temperature and humidity at any time and correctly & clearly display in the dot matrix screen so that you can discover the best suitable moisture and temperature for your family’s needs.

[Sleepy Alarm Clock] Long press the "-" or "+" button to turn ON/OFF the alarm clock. When the alarm function is activated, three blue lights will lit on the left side of the dot matrix panel. While the alarm is ringing, you only need shake it slightly to enter the "Snooze Mode" if you want to go on sleeping, but it will ring again after 5 minutes. Or you can choose completely shut down through flipping to go into "LED Light Mode".

[Elegant Innovative Night Light Design] Super soft and healthy light, glare-free illumination, non-flickering that is very friendly for you eyes. You can precise customize your reading, rest and relaxation with 4 levels gradual brightness adjustment and under 4000k warm white light.

[Humanized Design & More Durable and Safe Material] Rechargeable magnetic adsorption USB port with attached charging cable can be connected with power bank, computer or any device with a USB port. High-quality TPE+ABS plastic has a stronger friction to against falling off. Super light weight is easy to carry for outdoor traveling. (Note: the soft glue lift handle inside wraps the wire, does not have the load-bearing ability, please beware of pulling.)

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